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Welcome To our website...

Welcome everyone to Team: Vapor Image's web page. We Vapor Image, are a WESTERN NY-ERIE COUNTY based paintball team!


This site has been created on July 27th 2001.

We are looking for teams to scrimmage and practice against. Email shawn if you're team is intrested.

This site was last edited on January 19, 2002 at 8:41pm
Check out the New "Our Guns" section!

Things to note down...
We are always looking for sponsors!! Any one, if you feel like your company/business needs to be advertised go to the contacts page and either contact Charbel or Shawn. We will definetly show your company/business on our jerseys.


Special thanx too
Pictures that have been imported from other sites. We in know way take credit for them. And cut us some slack here, we are trying our hardest to get pics up.

Vapor Image - "He who sees vapor image is either dehydrated, intoxicated, or about to get bunkered."